The success of the organization and conduct of its activities requires management in a systematic and transparent manner. Management of the organization, along with other management disciplines, including management and quality. Identified a total of eight quality management principles as a framework for improving organizational performance and to help maintain performance.

More than one million certified companies in the world makes use of a reputable standard ISO 9001 as a tool for company management and continuous improvement of operations. Standard contains internationally applicable quality requirements for products, services and developments.

Quality management system operates effectively when they are clearly defined corporate objectives. Achieving these objectives should be reflected through measurable results - based on coherent key performance indicators arising from the efficient and transparent procedures. The best proof of the quality of a particular company is continually improving results.

The eight management principles provide guidelines for improving the efficiency of the organization and its management to focus and systematic manner and to ensure continued progress:

  • Focus on customer
  • Leadership
  • The participation of people
  • Process Approach
  • A systematic approach to managing
  • Continuously improve
  • Factual approach to decision making
  • Relationships with suppliers to mutual benefit

The benefits of certification to ISO 9001:

  • Getting the trust of clients
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Encourage employees' motivation
  • Clearly define responsibilities
  • Doncscnjc decisions based on facts
  • Establishment of efficient and effective business processes
  • Reduced business risk
  • Continuous improvement
  • Save time and operating costs
  • To prevent errors rather than correcting
  • Improving the image of the company
  • Reduce the lack of information
  • Be able to advance to respond to changing market conditions



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