The company SPECAutomatika Bilus was founded in 1995. with headquarters in Zagreb. The principal activity is designing, implementing, monitoring and maintenance of electrical installations and mechanical installations in the construction industry. Below is a list of installations covered by our business:


  • Projects substation
  • Projects of low voltage electrical current strong
    • Systems are fundamental grounding and lightning protection,
    • Lighting system,
    • Systems of electric drives, ...
  • - Projects of weak electrical currents
    • Structured cabling systems ( phone systems, internet systems,... )
    • Cable systems and satellite television
    • Intercom systems
      Elektro instalacije
      Elektro instalacije
    • SOS signaling systems
  • Projects and fire alarm plinodetekcije
    • Automatic fire alarm systems
    • Systems plinodetekcije
  • - Projects of technical protection
    • Anti-Theft Systems
    • Video surveillance systems
    • Access Control Systems
    • Systems of automatic doors and movable ramps

Mechanical installations

  • Projects of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Projects gas installations
  • Projects fire extinguishing systems
    • Water extinguishing systems (sprinkler, DRENCHER)
    • Fire extinguishing gas (C02, FM200, INERGENT, Novec)
  • Water and Wastewater Projects

Strojarske instalacije
Strojarske instalacije

High quality designed and executed system provides us with many years of experience and professional training of our employees as well as close cooperation with world-renowned supplier of electrical and mechanical equipment.

The company SPECAutomatika Bilus operates on the territory of the Republic of Croatia as well as all southeast Europe.

DIRECTOR Miro Bilus, Ph.D.